Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy day!

Today I had two Etsy sales! And one was my first custom painting! It was for Laura who has two lovely dogs, a dachshund and a beagle. Their names are Daisy and Walter, and they are too cute! I was excited to try something new. And she loved it!
You can see her blog at, she made a sweet post about the painting too! :)
The painting:

Her adorable pups!:

I'd be happy to do more custom paintings in the future! : ) ♥
Thanks again Laura! ♥


  1. i'm proud of you sis! ♥
    that is awesome!

  2. so excited for you! can't wait until I get my first sale!

  3. Thanks again soooo much!! I cannot wait for this to arrive!!! =)

  4. Very cute painting! Definitely made me smile!

  5. Nice blog and really like your art work. I'm following you. Good Luck

  6. Her dogs are adorable and I love the painting! Now I want two little doxies.

  7. Thanks everyone for the sweet comments! =)


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