Thursday, June 18, 2009

Umbrellastand Love! ♥

I bought these cute little daisy earrings from Umbrellastand on Etsy! I just love them! And I was so surprised when I got the cute little flower ring with it because I was the 50th customer! It really made my day! I just love her shop it is so cute! I have been wearing my new jewelry since the moment I opened it! :) (The Love dish is made by me!)

I hope everyone has a wonderfull weekend! There is a dog friendly art walk this weekend! I am so happy Masters of Tails, a cute puppy store in Hollywood, is allowing me to be a part of it! I got to put my paintings up in there store today! :) Also please go vote for Chloe! She will need MANY more votes to win those treats!(Read post before this one!) Thanks! ♥


  1. those daisy earings are so cute! im going to have to sneak and wear them sometimes.. hah.

  2. I love the earrings! So happy for your art finding a perfect place to shown! YAY! I hope your weekend is wonderful! xo

  3. Hi Chloe and Jessica, nice to meet you. I voted for two are just too cute. I hope you have a great weekend, I have to take care of my human who is sick.


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