Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wedding Day (Dancing photos)

Sorry for so many wedding photo posts, but there is just so many photos to share! Well one of the things I wanted most for my wedding day was DANCING! I just love to dance, and was so happy that everyone was dancing on my wedding day! It was so much fun! Our first dance was to Oasis- Wonderwall, we just love that song! It was amazing. My dance with my Dad was Its a Wonderful World and my husband and his Mom danced to Dancing in the Moonlight! :)


  1. I love the wedding pictures! Keep them coming :)

  2. I love the colors you used & the daisies :) Great photos!

  3. So fun!! You look so beautiful. The dancing is the best part of a wedding! xo

  4. what a wonderfully perfect day!!

  5. I say share away! oh my goodness! They are beautiful!! You look so happy!!


  6. Oh I love the joy on all of your faces, looks like you are having a lovely time in all of the pictures! And you should, it was your beautiful wedding day and everything is gorgeous!

  7. AAHHHHH your wedding looks like a blast! thanks for stopping by, its nice to meet you!
    i love your dress! your hair! our bridesmaids and flower girl dresses! so pretty! yay for beach weddings!

  8. These are some of the best casual wedding photos I've seen in a long time ... such a wonderful lightness of spirit! So much obvious happiness, nothing forced. I adore the colors ...

    ... thanks for sharing.

    Would you mind if I blogged about it on my blog Buttercup Bungalow (using a few pics)?


    Thanks -- and congrats!

    Laurie Eno


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