Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Random Chloe pic post!

The pic that made me fall in love with her, and the moment I knew I had to have her!

Her favorite store in Key West!

Posing on my beautiful quilt made by my Great Grandma Mae!

At the Walk for Animals with my Aunt Tami and her dachshund (my cousin) Oscar!

Comfy on the way to the keys for New Years 2008
Thats all for now! ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. ah! she is too adorable! [and obviously an inspiration to you!]

    I have a Boston Terrier, Bella, who is just the bee's knees!

  2. Hi Jessica! Pleased to meet you and your adorable little friend Chloe.. She's the best dog ever! I want her here with me.. :)

  3. Oh my gosh. She looks as sweet as cake :)


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