Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hello I miss you! ♥

(Image found here: Paper Tissue)
I miss my boyfriend Carter so much! It has been 2 weeks now since he has been in Cape Cod for work. And there is still about two more weeks to go! You can read our love story on Nicole's sweet blog, My Teacups in Peony! Be sure to read all the stories for Its a Love Story Project on her blog! And don't forget to enter my first giveaway!! The winner will be picked Friday! :) ♥


  1. Who says you're not the best of writers? I loved the way you described your love story on nicole's blog. It was so simple, innocent and sweet! I'm glad you've recovered from your cancer. You don't give the slightest hint you had it at all!:)

    ps: enter me for your giveaway will you? :)

  2. I loved your love story on Nicole's blog!!

  3. Oh...I wish he was closer to you. Off to read your story. xoxo

  4. i love the photos!

  5. Your story was wonderful as is your blog!!!
    Stay strong and he'll be home soon. Thank goodness for cell phones right??! My hubs has been gone for a few months now :(
    P.S. Adorable dog kiddo keeps pointing to him and saying how cute he is ♥

  6. Hang in there sweetie, I am sure he will be back before you know it! Thanks for your kind compliments on my love story, I think I mentioned already but your love story was wonderful too, so sweet! Cute pics showing how you miss Carter.

  7. the middle picture of you two should be an ad
    so amazing

  8. love sand messages! that first watercolour is so pretty.


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