Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Friday! ♥

I painted Carter a dolphin for our three year! I gave it to him after our trip and made him speghetti dinner. We like making gifts. He has made me some awesome things! He made me a mosaic tile with a heart with really cool tiles and one of my favorites before was a mosaic of Chloe doing her begging trick! I think handmade gifts are the best! In other news my sister rescued kitten while I was gone! Her name is Dandelion and Chloe thinks shes her new best friend. Hopefully they will be! I'm so happy its Friday, and can't wait to be off work! Have a great weekend everyone! ♥

Also I am in a Dachshund Team treasury on Etsy thanks to SassySashaDoxie! And happy first of May! :)


  1. Happy 3 year! Love that she named her Dandelion. That is a positively adorable name for an equally adorable kitten. I agree handmade is the best!

  2. Happy three years together and we are in total agreement, hand-made gifts are the best. They are from the heart! Love the new little kitty too! Play nice Chloe!

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  3. happy anniversary! i love your homemade gifts! i've been dying to go on a road trip with my boyfriend. some day soon hopefully!

    have a happy sunday!

    p.s. chloe is a cutie pie!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! Geez that lil wiener is so adorable! I pop in here all the time just to get a doxie fix. Good luck at your upcoming show!!


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