Monday, April 20, 2009

We live in a beautiful place....

Thats what my boyfriend said to me on our Saturday beach adventure! I love our walk to the lighthouse! See my older blog post Sunshine! We found lots of treasures (drift wood, sea shells, even 2 old wine corks), swam in the ocean, he tried to catch some fish, and had a lot of fun. I love living in Florida! I plan on making some paintings soon with some of my shells and coral! Also more photos in flickr! :) ♥

Have a nice day! ♥


  1. i love your beach adventure photos. too cute ♥

  2. Great jealous here. You look so good.
    Love these shots. xo

  3. I love living on the water, although your climate is a bit better then mine.
    Beach advntures are the best for sure

  4. cute pics and what a cute dog!!! :D

  5. How nice! What pretty pictures...looks like a fantastic weekend!


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