Thursday, May 7, 2009

I also make clay things...

I am in a pottery class with my mom and sister. It is really fun. We have been taking it awile now, well really just since we don't have our own kiln! And you just go and make whatever you want. I love going. My favorite thing I made lately is my clay doxie, I made one before Chloe's colors . But I love the crackle paints, they look retro to me! I'm not sure yet, but you may find some in my Etsy eventually, or at my first art show Raindance! :)


  1. that is so CUTE that you take a pottery class with your mom and your sister! i wanna take a class with MY mom and sister!

    i love your clay chloe. adorable!

  2. yay i love pottery class with you and mom. it's too bad i stink at it and your stuff is amazing!! ♥

  3. I LOVE your clay Chloe!! Really cute!

  4. I want to take a ceramics course again...I love working with clay! So much fun. I love Chloe!


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