Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Some Blog Love

Today was a lovely day! I am on two great blogs today and in a treasury for doxies on Etsy!
The first blog I am on is "Tilda in the Burbs" which is a blog about her little old english bulldog and there doggy likes and dislikes. I hadn't seen it before today but it is a new favorite! I love it! Click the link above to see more!

The other is a site called Best Dachshund Things by Dachshund Luke! I love there site! It is a great site with all kinds of information on things good for dachshunds and doxie lovers! I am honored to be on there site! It is so cute, and so is dachshund Luke! Check it out and scroll towards the bottom to see me!

Well I hope everyone is having a good week! Don't forget about the free shipping in my Etsy shop until Friday for Chloes bday! ♥


  1. Your blog is so cute! Chloe is beautiful. Thanks for popping in to Beach Vintage.

  2. many thanks chloejessica! what adorable doxies!!

  3. Dachshund Luke is excited that he is on your blog! He is in love with Chloe, she is beautiful. Love you site it is very well done and lots of interesting stories. Will be back to read more soon.
    Jessica your paintings are wonderful.


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